A columbarium is a collection of secure niches for the dignified and memorialized permanent storage of precious  ashes of cremated persons. The literal translation from Latin of this “mini mausoleum” is a resting place for doves - the symbol of divine love.

A columbarium provides many advantages to both the church and its congregants:

Tremendous cost saving to church members when faced with the responsibility to place a passed loved one in a respectful location where they will be visited and remembered often.

The return of the “cradle to grave” ministry that was lost when churches no longer provided cemeteries on church property.

A wonderful long-term financial resource for the church from the sale of niches, urns, engraving and inurnment services.

Columbarium Concepts

The 40 “companion niche” (2 urns per niche) columbarium designed by Columbarium Concepts offers many advantages:

  • Beautiful patented niche cover with no external hardware to hold doors in place.
  • Natural granite individual niche doors engraved with names and dates.
  • Permanent (designed to last centuries–not decades). Fabricated of stainless steel and granite - no plastics or adhesives.
  • Moveable from existing location in case of church or columbarium relocation.
  • Quick installation. The units simply fit into a prepared enclave designed to match the architectural design of the church buildings (inside or outside).

Offered with engraving services, our special personalized urns, plus stone signs and benches.Type your paragraph here.

Columbarium Concepts