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Unit Dimensions:


13" Depth

4' Width

6' Height


Niche Size:

13" Depth




The “Companion Niche” columbarium houses 40 niches, each niche holds 2 urns for a total 80 urn capacity. Columbarium housing is made of stainless-steel and designed for a prepared enclave or can be placed against a wall and clad with almost any material. Niches are individually secured by Absolute Black granite niche doors with our patented hidden hardware. Permanent outside or indoors (designed to last centuries – not decades).


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Urns for Sale


"Forever Series" Cremation Urns are high quality stainless steel urns with standard 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 7" dimensions intended to fit any standard columbarium niche.  Engravable absolute black granite lid included, color powder coating available.


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Companion Urn

"Companion Series" cremation urns are made of high quality stainless steel and sized for two. Engravable Absolute Black granite lid is included with urns, color powder coating available.

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Memorial Wall

A commemorative plaque or simply plaque is a plate of stone; typically, attached to a stone wall or vertical surface. Each plaque bears a text or image in memory of one or more persons, an event, or former place.


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Bench Sample_1 .jpg

 Memorial benches can be made of stone or other materials. Typically, memorial benches are placed in public places but are also often placed in gardens; making it a perfect addition to any memorial garden.


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Granite Pedestal

They are often marble statues set on masonry foundations, more commonly referred to as a presentation pedestals.

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Niche Door

Customization available upon request. 


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