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What is a Columbarium? 

Columbarium is a collection of secure niches for the dignified and memorialized inurnment of precious ashes; a sanctified resting place for our passed loved ones.  


Columbariums have many benefits:

  • Provides members a place to be memorialized within their spiritual community 

  • Convert an area into a garden or a place of community, prayer, and remembrance 

  • Self-sustaining financial resource that helps accommodate the growing cremation rate

Cremation has topped 50% nationwide, for several reasons:

  • Lower cost than cemetery interment. 

  • More efficient land use, 500+ may be inurned in the same sq ft of 1 burial plot.

  • Limited expansion of cemeteries

  • Envirometally friendly and Ecological

Building Columbariums in Texas: 

In 2009, the Texas legislature changed the law to allow religious organizations and educational institutes to build columbariums anywhere on their campus. Bill Freeman, the owner of Columbarium Concepts, accompanied Tom Timmins to the Texas legislature and successfully lobbied for this change. Read more here.

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How to get started:  

If you are interested in having a columbarium a great way to start is to form a columbarium committee. Columbarium committees usually consist of church congregants, trustees, pastors, landscape architects and business administrators. Once a committee is formed give us a call to set a date for an informative presentation. We will discuss the social and economical advantages of having a columbarium as well as provide resources that will help move your project forward. 

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